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Potter Pack

  • Dragon
  • Luna's Glasses
  • Spider
  • Time Tuner




  • Lance
  • Spear
  • Mace

Our Projects

LHMC Resource Pack

The LHMC's RVSG Resource Pack was our 1st ever attempt in making a resource pack & is still by far our most favorite. We owe a great deal of gratitude towards the server, as its not just the server that got us into making resource packs, was also also our home server. Thanks to its friendly staff & amazing players that gave the  server it's family friendly atmosphere that got us hooked into the game. It is a the server that will be greatly missed and after every pack we have made since, we still think back to the one pack and the one server that started it all LHMC. 


TacticalNation is a Avitar server based on the TV show Avatar the last air bender. Where it gives the players a Choice on what element they would like to be and each element has its own unique abilities. By levelling up their element they can unlock even more cool and fun powers to play or battle with. Fizzy Chickens got on board and we have created them the Custom 3D weapons, Cakes, Glider and Momo the Lemur.


Hegemony is our latest project. The server is still in the development stage but what I can understand of it is its a custom game similar to Skyrim or Runescape with quests, abilities, a story and a whole world to explore. We will be creating a large variety of 3D weapons and tools. once finished we are hoping to make a version of the pack so it is compatible with vanilla Minecraft and posting it on Planet Minecraft.

Guns Resource Pack

The pack is a low detail pack of different types of guns it was mostly just for fun. The pack changes the tools and weapons to different guns and was aimed towards people with slower computers.

Potter Pack

The Potter Pack is a Resource pack for a harry potter server which is currently under development. We will post a like to the ip once its up and running so all of you can jump on and enjoy :D

We are creating them a series of different items such as broomsticks, wands, objects and sorting hat