About The Server




TacticalNation is a Fun Roleplay Avatar server where you can relive the series!
Train as an Airbender, Firebender, Earthbender, Waterbender or Chi-Blocker!

Fun Server Plugins:

  •  Factions
  •  Projectkorra
  •  Jedcore
  •  Essentials
  •  CombatLog
  •  Headdrops



About the Resource Pack

The Avatar resource pack was an interesting but was a good fun pack to make. The owner gave us a list of weapons and other items to build and we gave it our best shot at it.

We decided to do our research, as Tech and I knew nothing about avatar, so we went through the whole 1st season to learn about the server and mainly to understand the feel we need to mimic in the resource pack.

By watching the show we discovered that most of the art on the characters and weaponry mainly consisted of 2 different variations of colour, the main colour and the darker variation for shadowing. We also used the actual screenshots of the show to gain the colour pallet in-order to make the pack as close to the show as we can get it.

The slide show shows a few of the models you will find on the server, but as this resource pack is for the server and its not mine to give the download.