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Currently working on

At the moment micky is working on the new LHMC pack including Armour sets and many new weapons.


just finished the new models for dumbledoresarmy, unfortunately i promised not to show them off until the models are made public on the server.


We are currently helping hegemony by creating a large variety of medieval weaponry and tools. for more info on hegemony checkout



sinobi world is a Naruto server currently under development

CubikStudio modeling team

The fizzychickens have made it onto the Cubikstudio team as testers. We are helping test the new cubik software which is currently held in closed alpha, the models that we are currently working on will be used to demonstrate the extraordinary capabilities of the new cubik software.

About Us

Hello Their I'm Mickyp123, and I'm Tech and I'm Tom & we are FizzyChickens & we create 3D resource packs.

We have done a few Resource packs for servers and we also make some cool packs just for fun, sometimes taking a few request along the way. We mainly create Packs because we enjoy seeing people enjoy our work, and its good fun thinking up what pack or models we should create next that everyone would like.

We are a small group but we hope to find a few more keen Minecraft fans to help us out with our projects, as we have big plans but a little group :P

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Or bottom right of the screen should be a Email us button just type in you email address  and message and it will send your message directly to us.

We do check our mail on a regular basis so we are likely to get back to you


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